AAF Operations Suspended

No, this is not an April Fools’ joke. The Alliance of American Football may not complete its debut season. A source told reporters that the AAF suspended its operations with owner Tom Dundon making the decision. However, it is still uncertain whether the speculations are true as the league didn’t have any public announcements about the topic.

There were talks that the AAF has suspended football activities. However, there have been no confirmations about the closing of the league. Team managers are still discussing the league’s future as of press time.

Dundon wants to shut down the league after it can’t get any deals with the NFL Players’ Association. Nothing has changed since he invested $70 million of his pledged $250 million in February. If the league folds, he is going to lose that $70 million outright. However, the rest of the league is positive that it can survive even before Dundon’s investment.

A source told bookie pay per head experts that AAF partners and the NFL are confounded with Dundon’s actions in the previous 24 hours.

Reason for AAF Operations Suspension

The main reason for the uncertainties concerning the AAF is the failed negotiations between the NFLPA and the league. The AAF wants to use NFL practice players but the players’ union opposed the idea.

Dundon said that they can’t reach a deal, he will examine all options, which includes shutting down the league. The AAF will unlikely not get the approval from the NFLPA due to CBA and bureaucracy of the NFL.

While the AAF held its games last weekend, Dundon repeated his statements about closing the league. There were reports that Dundon’s actions were against the wishes of the people he hired to run the league. These include Head of Football Bill Polian and AAF CEO Charlie Ebersol.

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