Kosovo Bans Gambling after Casino Murders

Kosovo has prohibited all types of betting for ten years after the murder of two club workers a week ago. Nation’s prime minister Ramush Haradinaj said that they will not let casinos become places of crime that destroy the lives of people.

Haradinaj proposed a law to boycott all types of gambling after the murders. Then MPs passed it on the evening of March 28. The new law became effective on April 1.

Kosovo Bans Gambling

Gambling has turned into a major issue in Kosovo, one of the poorest nations in Europe where the jobless rate is around 33 percent of the working-age populace. The gambling industry has developed quickly in the nation in the course of the last decade. At present, it utilizes around 4,000 individuals.

Many will fear for their employment considering the new law banning gambling. Haradinaj said prohibiting gambling was a piece of an endeavor to fight against organized crime. In January, Albania prohibited a few types of betting with an eye towards controlling wrongdoing and addiction.

Kosovo generates 20 million euros yearly from gambling taxes. With the new law, only the national lottery can operate in the country. Only time can tell how this gambling news will affect the nation’s economy.

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