Will Kawhi Leonard Stay as a Raptor

Will Kawhi Leonard Stay as a Raptor

The city of Toronto and the entire country of Canada is still celebrating after the Raptors won their first ever NBA championship. However, some fans are already worried that the NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard will not return for the next season.

Will Kawhi stay as a Raptor? Will he stick around to try another title run? We will get the answers to the questions on June 30, which is the start of the free agency in the NBA. He can either terminate the last year of his contract and start talking with other teams.

Fans of the Raptors are worrying about Kawhi Leonard leaving the team as soon as they acquired him through the trade with the Spurs last July. In fact, his contract expiring at the end of the season is one of the reasons why he signed with the Raptors. Pay per head bookie operators are all expecting Kawhi to play for an LA team, whether it is the Clippers or the Lakers.

Speculations about Kawhi Leonard

Will Kawhi Leonard Stay as a Raptor

Raptors president Masai Ujiri made sports news headlines when he traded the team’s top scorer DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi. Winning the NBA championship was not part of his plan, but it was a good bonus for the blockbuster trade.

Even if Leonard leaves the team, it was already a success for the franchise. Winning their first title will help attract more superstars to play for the only Canadian team in the NBA. However, the fate of the Raptors for next season depends on Kawhi’s actions during the free agency period.

If Kawhi stays, then the team can go for another championship run. If he leaves, the team needs to sign another superstar to prevent going back to becoming irrelevant in the league. At present, the Finals MVP is not saying anything. After winning the championship bookie software has the Raptors the favorite for the team Kawhi will be playing for the next season.

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