MLS to Allow Gambling Sponsors

MLS to Allow Gambling Sponsors

The Major League Soccer signed a deal with MGM International. As a result, the latter will be the MLS’ official gaming partner. MLS believes that sports betting can improve fan engagement. In addition, the league hopes it can increase interest in the sport.

Also, the league now allows liquor companies and sports betting firms to sponsor MLS teams. As a result, you can see their ads on broadcasts, field, and stadium billboards. Some teams even feature sponsor logos on their uniforms. At the same time, companies can use the team’s logo in their advertising campaigns. That means companies such as AcePerHead can sign with any MLS team as a sponsor.

MLS Gambling Sponsors

MLS to Allow Gambling Sponsors

Uniform sponsorship is not something you see in the US often. However, they are common anywhere else in the world. The NBA was the first league in the US to have jersey sponsorships. It will not be long before you see sponsorship patches in the NHL, MLB, and the NFL.

However, the MLS placed some restrictions for sponsorship patches. In fact, they will not be placed on youth-sized retail jerseys. Also, you will not see patches on jerseys given out to youth players or members of the MLS academy. Although gambling firms can use the team logo, they can’t use the likeness of players in ads.

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