US Authorities Tackle Illegal Gambling Operations

US Authorities Tackle Illegal Gambling Operations

Police departments across the United States are taking down illegal gambling operations. Several police operations involved SWAT teams and shut down illegal gambling houses. As a result, there are fewer illegal gambling venues across the nation.

Police raided an illegal gambling house in San Fernando Valley in LA that led to the detention of dozen men. In fact, news helicopters documented the operation that showed police using a battering ram to enter the premises. As a result, they made it to sports betting news headlines.

Despite detaining several men, officers arrested only one individual. Police didn’t give any information about the type of activity done in the illegal gambling venue. The police told pay per head software insiders that it was part of an ongoing investigation of the illegal activities in the area.

Illegal Gambling Operations and other Crimes

US Authorities Tackle Illegal Gambling Operations

Last summer, Los Angeles police arrested 35 people linked to illegal gambling operations, drug trafficking, and prostitution. According to gambling news headlines, it revealed a huge illegal gambling network. Instead of taking wagers illegally, they should have become a bookie agent.

In New York State, police charged 20 people for their involvement in various crimes including extortion and illegal bookie business. 17 people were locals and some of them were part of the Colombo crime group. Others were part of other mafia groups.

Authorities charged Daniel Capaldo and Joseph Amato, who were part of the Colombo crime group. The raid was the result of an investigation that started three years after Amato’s mysterious action. He placed a GPS tracking device on a bus to monitor his girlfriend. The discovery of the device led to the investigation and the raid.

Police documented several crimes during the investigation, including racketeering. Also, the police recorded Amato’s son set up an NCAA basketball game. However, it seems like the deal didn’t go to their favor. The team they paid off to take a dive won the game, according to bookie business news reports.

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