Portugal Online Gambling Market Achieves Record Revenue in Third Quarter

Portugal Online Gambling Market Achieves Record Revenue in Third Quarter

Portugal online gambling market improved in the third quarter despite the government’s lax effort in enforcing laws against illegal offshore sites. The country’s gambling regulator released the report that showed record revenue in the quarter amounting to $60.3 million. It is the seventh straight quarter the industry’s income increased.

The third-quarter figures saw a 39.1 percent increase compared to the same period last year. Also, revenue increased compared to the previous quarter. At present, there are 11 legal gambling operators in the country and 18 online gambling licenses.

Online casinos had €28.2 million in revenue, which is an increase of €8.8 million from the third quarter of 2018. Also, the sports betting section saw a rise of €25.9 million. In the previous quarter, sports betting operators earned €23 million.

Portugal Online Gambling Market

It is an excellent time to learn how to become a local bookie in Portugal. The gambling market is improving each quarter. Online sportsbooks handled €114 million in total in the third quarter alone. Also, most of the best were on football.

The total handle in the third quarter increased by €1.9 million compared to the previous quarter, according to gambling industry reports. The increase in online gambling was due to the increased number of registered online gamblers. Also, there’s a total of around 149,000 registered users in the quarter.

Pay per head sources said that illegal offshore sites plague the online gambling market in Portugal. Around 56 percent of players in the country use both legal and illegal operators. It is an alarming number since Portugal started regulating online gambling three years ago.

A report by pay per head reviews and news sites showed that six percent of players use only illegal websites. It showed a lack of confidence in local operators. There’s a call from licensed operators to crack down on the illicit websites to make the industry safer for consumers, according to a PPH bookie provider.

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