NPB Holds Baseball Games in Empty Japanese Stadiums

NPB Holds Baseball Games in Empty Japanese Stadiums

Amusement parks, baseball stadiums, and other popular family spots are usually full during Saturdays. However, it is a different scenario nowadays. The Nippon Professional Baseball holds its games in empty Japanese stadiums. Some entertainment and sports venues even consider canceling events to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

There were no spectators during professional baseball games across Japan. The NPB will hold all the remaining preseason games in empty stadiums. Players expressed their sadness for what’s transpiring because fans don’t get to see home runs live.

However, they know it is for the safety of the fans. According to sports news, it is the first time the professional baseball league prevented fans from attending any preseason or regular-season games. Based on the sportsbook pay per head survey, players do well because they are playing in front of fans. Playing in an empty venue makes the players appreciate their fans more.

Empty Japanese Stadiums and other Tourist Attractions

It is not just baseball stadiums that are empty. Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland will be closed until March 15. Pay per head bookie learned that the government requested cancellation of significant events for at least two weeks.

Train stations and shops near the amusement parks are sparse. Park employees wore face masks to explain how tourists can get refunds for their tickets. Although they knew the park was closed, some people still went there because they already planned the trip before the announcement of the temporary closure.

Based on a sports betting platform report, Hokkaido authorities declared a state of emergency Friday. Commercial facilities, tourist destinations, and fish markets were virtual ghost towns. Also, restaurant chains and department stores cut their operating hours.

There are at least 70 cases of coronavirus infections in Hokkaido. Also, there are already two deaths reported. As a result, the governor asked residents to stay indoors over the weekend.

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