Jonny May Transfer Leads to Confusion in Premiership Rugby

Jonny May Transfer Leads to Confusion in Premiership Rugby

Jonny May transfer from Leicester to Gloucester caused confusion about the current situation of Premiership Rugby. Gloucester signed May from July 1 and expected him to be available to play for the team right away.

However, the current season of the Premiership will extend beyond July 1. Lawyer Richard Cramer told gambling industry news reporters that stopping May from playing would be limiting the trade.

The Premiership hasn’t held games since March 8 after it suspended the season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gloucester and Leicester will face each other in round 17. Cramer told per head sportsbook sources that the transfer caused some confusion within the league. Teams want to know how to handle the terms of registration during the pandemic.

Issues with Jonny May Transfer

The rules of the Premiership didn’t have terms for the current situation. To stop the trade would be a restraint of trade. Several players have similar end-of-season moves to May, including Kyle Sinckler. The latter signed a transfer from Harlequins to Bristol.

Sam Hill is going to move from Exeter to Sale. All standard player contracts would start on July 1 and end on June 30. Lawyers believe that players have the right to fulfill the terms of the agreements and play for the new club starting July. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a pandemic or not.

The terms and conditions are ambiguous in the contracts. However, teams should honor that they can’t stop players from playing. In a time when the league is trying to figure out how to salvage the season, player transfers should be the least of its worries.

The Premiership and RFU should have a set of rules in place to avoid questionable decisions. If a player ends his contract on June 30, there’s no reason for him not to play for his new team.

When the Premiership returns into play, you should be ready to open a sportsbook. That way, you can readily accept wagers on the games.

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