OKC Thunders to Play Five Baseball-Style Series in Upcoming NBA Season

OKC Thunders to Play Five Baseball-Style Series in Upcoming NBA Season

The Oklahoma City Thunder released its upcoming NBA regular season schedule. Its first game will be against Minnesota Timberwolves. Also, they will have a New Year’s Even match for the 15th straight season. The team will also play five baseball-style series.

With the NBA delivering their 2022-23 regular season schedule, one of the significant ideas has been the way that NBA groups will travel fewer miles than at any other time. The estimated travel has been decreased to 41,000 miles for every group, a record low in the 30-group, 82-game period. That is almost a 2,000-mile decrease per group from a year ago. According to experts of bookie PPH services, part of the reason is the “baseball-style” series.

The NBA presented these baseball-style series during the NBA bubble to eliminate travel and guard the players. That presently gives off an impression of being predominately embraced as a personal satisfaction improvement for the association.

OKC Thunders to Play Five Baseball-Style Series

OKC Thunders to Play Five Baseball-Style Series in Upcoming NBA Season

The baseball-style series includes two teams playing consecutive games in a single venue instead of traveling between games. It establishes a pleasant climate to see the changes game-to-game. This season, the OKC Thunder will be highlighted in five sets.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will have the Clippers on October 25 and 27, the Blazers on December 19 and 21, the Kings on February 26 and 28, and Jazz on March 3 and 5. Their last baseball-style series will be against the Clippers on March 21 and 23.

The baseball-style sets will assist the OKC in a big way. Besides the fact that they have a decent training staff to make game-to-game changes, as a youthful group that isn’t molded for an 82-game timetable, restricting the movement can help keep away from the rookie wall.

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