About Sports Bets and Gambling News

Sports Bets and Gambling News is your one-stop shop for sports, sports wagering, and the gambling industry in general. It started out as a dream of mine to share what I know with the world. It is a personal website but I try my best to update it as often as possible.

At present, sports betting is a growing industry in the US. I am fascinated by how the industry is growing at a rapid pace. As a result, I want to share what I learn about the industry.

Sports Bets and Gambling News started as a fantasy to give unbiased views about the gambling industry. I also provide breaking news in the sports world. It is a personal quest and hopefully, I can sustain the passion for this hobby for years to come.

Imagining the Future of Sports and Gambling News

Jethro Snyder is the genius behind the Sports Bets and Gambling News site. He picked the name to capture all his passions in a single entity. Moreover, it is easy to remember and hopefully gain traction among like-minded people on the internet.

Growing up, Jethro was always been into sports. Being competitive, he usually has friendly wagers among his friends while playing the games they love. This is the start with his fascination regarding sports betting and gambling in general.