Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops to $17 Million for February

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops to $17 Million for February

The State Gaming Commission reported Indiana sports betting revenue dropped to around $17 million Friday. It was slightly more than half the total in January. Also, Super Bowl betting along the state’s border led to a difficult month for sportsbook operators.

According to football betting tutorials and news sites, the downward trend of the sports betting revenue came after promotional payouts of more than $5.4 million from operators across the state, as gross gaming income added up to $22.4 million. As a result, the February changed income absolute was down 52.3 percent from the earlier month when a record $500 million handle made $35.6 million in income.

Handle slipped 18.2 percent in February to $409.1 million, which is yet the fifth-most elevated month to month all out of 30 since the Hoosier State started tolerating bets. The 4.2 percent hold, notwithstanding, is the most minimal in state history, with December’s 5.6 percent success rate now a brief record.

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops to $17 Million for February
Indiana Sports Betting Revenue Drops to $17 Million for February

According to online bookie software reports, Indiana got more than $1.6 million in charge receipts. It became the eighth state in the post-PASPA time to outperform $50 million in revenue created from sports betting, alongside Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Nevada, Oregon, and Tennessee. However, Oregon is the anomaly of those states as a sportsbook operated by the state lottery.

In the wake of completing second to FanDuel in income for every one of the last eight months of 2021, DraftKings made it consecutive months as the top versatile income generator while keeping up with its undisputed spot on the handle rankings. DraftKings beat the statewide hold at 6 percent, guaranteeing more than $7.3 million from a $121.5 million bet.

FanDuel’s hold was more following the general state number at 4.6 percent, getting done with $4.9 million in income from $107.7 million in wagers. DraftKings has gathered almost $158 million in administrator income in Indiana since its launch, nearly $10.6 million larger than its nearest rival. Of course, you must know how bookies create sports betting odds to compare different sportsbooks.

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